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Fusion Law School is founded on the basic principle that education needs to be practically relevant and useful.

Professional courses of any kind should seek to equip the students with the knowledge and skills, actually required in the profession, which such courses claim to teach. The legal education in India is no exception to this widespread rule and we have seen from experience that legal education provided in India have little relevance to the ground realities of practicing law.

There are numerous examples to clearly establish this point. For instance, FDI despite being a major revenue generator for the firms practicing corporate laws is seldom taught in law schools. Law students most of the time turn to internships to fill these gaps in legal education. However, getting an internship in the desired field of law and in a good law firm depends upon multitude of factors and is highly unpredictable. If a student is interested in IP laws or Tax laws it is easy for him to choose the law firms in which he can apply for internships, but if a student is interested in fields such as Securities laws, transactional laws or laws relating to M&A etc. then he will have to apply in a full service law firms and even if after numerous emails and follow-up calls he is selected in such firm whether he will allocated in desired department or get adequate opportunities to hone his knowledge and skills is purely depended upon luck. Even if for the some blessed few for whom all the pieces falls in the right places, then also due to lack of systematic approach which is inherently in learning under internships, such students will never be able to have the full picture of the specific field of law in which he / she desire to excel.

Keeping aforesaid in mind, the Fusion Law School was established to deliver to specific law courses which are designed with the help of leading experts in their respective fields and taught by legal professionals with extensive experience through a medium which accessible and available to everyone and most importantly with emphasis imparting the knowledge and developing the skills required to be a successful legal professional in a particular field of law. Thus, Fusion Law School is named so as it seeks to impart an education which is a fusion of theory and practice.